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Dear Green Thumb Gardener,

Gardening – what is it about this relaxing pastime that can so completely absorb all of our attention? We pour our hearts and souls into maintaining the perfect outdoor wonderland – complete with flowers, vegetables, and shrubs that beautify our homes and provide us with an incredibly important vent for our frustrations and daily stressors.

Why do we do it?

I have never been able to find the answer, but I have been a happy victim of the green thumb bug for the better part of my life. Since I first dug up a potato in primary school as a child, I have been seeking out any opportunity I can find to test my prowess as a gardener.

But, gardening is not always as simple as going outside after work every evening and watering a few plants. Gardening requires a lot of things – but most of all it requires attention and sunlight. I have had good years, and I have had bad years, but one thing remains constant.


Sunlight is Gold

If you want your garden to thrive, you need to supply it with the lifeblood of all living things – the glorious golden rays of our sun. But, there isn’t always a sun to feed on. For at least 8 hours a day, it disappears beyond the horizon. And when the clouds settle in or the rain doesn’t stop, the sunlight can disappear for days at a time. And then there is the issue of building something more than just a swath of plants. The lighting, the pathways, the water corridors and the deck – these are all vital aspects of an aesthetically pleasing garden.

It won’t surprise you that there are plenty of people out there who manage to grow beautiful, award-winning gardens, with beautiful verandas and surrounding tools in the harshest of conditions. But, what might surprise you is that they don’t have to run miles of electrical wires and spend thousands of dollars a day on UV lights to feed their gardens and run these gadgets.

They do it with something else – something greener, something safer, something less expensive.


It’s Time to Start a Solar Garden

Solar gardening – it’s a phrase that sounds redundant. But, for many people – especially those living in the frigid, cloudy confines of major cities or northern countries, you need that little something extra to help inject glorious life into the shrubs and flowers lining your property.

You need the electricity provided by solar power lights and solar fountain pumps – removing the need for wires and making it infinitely easier to create an autonomous garden with all the perks you have always dreamed of.

I haven’t always prescribed to the solar gardening way of life – but, when I learned what my fellow gardening aficionados were doing with it and how they were building brilliant, multi-layered wonderlands in their backyards with just a few cosy solar panels and solar outdoor lights, I had to know.

What can a solar garden really do?

Getting the Most from Every Ounce of Soil and Drop of Sunlight

It has been years since I installed my first solar gadget, and I’ve never bothered to look back. The sun is a beautiful thing –a wondrous, life giving orb that can put a smile on anyone’s face, facilitate the growth of natural marvels, and power everything from security lights to water fountains and path lighting.

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And every day, I harvest the all-important, life-giving rays of that sun and funnel them back into my garden, where it can be used as it was intended.

My garden, once a funnel for electrical power, is now a single, autonomous unit – running day in and day out on the natural power of sunlight. Finely crafted water corridors funnel sparkling light through flower beds around my home, all powered by a solar fountain pump.

My expanded deck soaks in the light of solar deck lights and lamps. My solar garden is its own little kingdom – a special place where I can relax and let the stresses of the day melt away.

But, for those looking at a new garden, or trying to determine how to overcome the damaging effects of too little sunlight in your backyard and excessive power bills, how do you go about putting together a solar garden and harvesting that vital UV light?

It starts, like anything else, with some basic knowledge.

You need to know your garden, know the sun, know how your yard behaves, and know what you want to get out of every square inch of it.

That’s where I started and that’s why I’ve come so far with my solar gardens. I’ve grown tropical fruits, year round vegetables, and a dozen more things that should never have been possible. I’ve installed waterways and verandas that would normally suck up countless units of electricity.

And it’s all because I spent the time mapping out my solar garden, installing the world’s most plentiful energy source, and watching every step of the way as it developed.

Are you ready to put the sun to work? Are you ready to create a garden that will feed itself, thriving in any weather conditions, on any corner of the planet?

Are you ready to build a technical wonderland – using solar lights that brighten every corner of your yard. You don’t have to wait any longer.

I have exactly what you need.



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I’m making a lot of claims. Some of them might even seem to go a bit too far, so instead of just expecting you to believe me, I want to show you exactly what I’ve included in My Solar Garden.

This is the most complete, most elaborate guide to Solar Gardening on the Internet and I want you to see that, with this guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating the ultimate solar gateway in your backyard.

Learn Why the Sun is the Lifeblood of Our Planet
How You’ll Save Money Every Day by Using the Power of the Sun
The Magic of Tapping Renewable Energy Sources – Reducing Your Carbon Foot Print on a Daily Basis
Getting to Know Your Garden – How to Tap the Hidden Beauty of Your Property
How to Create Ideal Water Corridors with Solar Power
The Best Way to Light Up Your Deck with Solar Lamp Posts
Boost Security Around Your Home with Solar Security Lights


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Highlight the Key Points of Your Garden with Perfectly Placed Solar Lamps
How Solar Lighting Works and Will Light Your Garden
The Inner Workings of a Solar Light – Every Piece and Tool You’ll Need to Get Started
Alternatives to Lighting, Both Solar and Non-Solar
How to Design the Perfect Solar Garden – Taking Advantage of the Sun’s Position
How to Avoid Unwanted Shade, While Optimizing Visitor Experience
Creating a Blueprint and Plan for Your Solar Garden



The Materials You Will Need for Your Solar Garden – Every Nut, Bolt, and Panel Laid Out
Getting the Most from a Moon Garden
Creating and Optimizing an Attached Solar Grower
Building a Solar Greenhouse for those Especially Tricky Climates
Climate Zone Information for Every Continent and Country – the Data You Need to Choose Your Lighting
Exactly Where and How to Buy the Right Solar Panels and Lighting
How to Take Advantage of Your Garden in All 4 Seasons – Regardless of the Weather


A Solar Garden is the first step in a lifelong journey to optimize your way of life – using renewable sources of energy, enjoying the wonders the earth has to offer, and creating a landscape that you can enjoy without cessation. Getting it right is vital – and the only way to do that is with My Solar Garden.

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Millions of men and women grow their own gardens every year. And many of them spend days trying to find a way to feed and supplement their gardens when the sun plays hide and seek. They want to install the unique tools and gadgets that have made so many gardens special. But, they don’t have the magic tool that is a solar garden.

You could have that tool for yourself, if you act right now and take advantage of an opportunity that you may never see again. The sun is by far the single most valuable and powerful energy source available. By utilizing it, you not only create a garden that is self-sufficient, you create a garden that does not use valuable natural resources in the form of electricity.

Best of all, you create an aesthetically pleasing, value boosting addition to your home that you can enjoy for years and years to come. A solar garden is not an investment for short term gain – it is something you’ll be able to work on and enjoy for the rest of your life.

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I have been watching ...

As men and women just like you picked up the solar gardening bug and created not just a simple backyard plot, but beautiful topiaries and miniature orchards that their families can bask in and enjoy for years to come.

Your turn to live in the lap of natural luxury is here – don’t let it pass you by.

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